About the Train

Visit Fisherman’s Inn, an Eastern Shore dining landmark since 1930, and you will not only enjoy the panoramic water views and delicious specialties, but you will also be captivated by the suspended train that travels around the restaurant while you dine!


The suspended railroad you see in our dining room supports 280 feet of track.   Two tunnels link the dining rooms together.

The “G” scale locomotives and the rolling stock are from the collection of Sonny Schulz, late owner of Fisherman’s Inn.

To compare sizes, the “G” scale is almost double that of “Lionel” scale, which you see around several Christmas gardens. This “G” scale train is the type you may also see in outside garden railroads. These trains can operate through rain and snow, and the track is strong enough for an automobile to run over it.

The train tracks are 8 feet above the floor and are quiet enough that you can hear some of the hidden sounds, such as bells and whistles, as it passes your table.

These trains operate 11 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to excessive running time, most of the train’s plastic wheels have been replaced with metal wheels to reduce wear.

Please come and visit us – enjoy a meal AND our train!