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Nauti Mermaid Bar

Visit our fully remodeled bar for Happy Hour, Monday through Friday from 4:00 til 6:30 for food and drink specials!!

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We have private banquet rooms for up to 80 guests.
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Weekend Dinner Specials

Weekend Menu Specials

Fri Feb 23rd to Sunday Feb 25th

From 4pm Fri & Sat, all day Sunday
Served in Dining Room and Bar

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Prickly Pear Margarita
Western Son Prickly Pear vodka, Dobel tequila, orange juice,
margarita mix & splash of simple syrup, delightfully sweet & sour…8
Cupcake Red Sparkling Wine
Sweet bubbly Italian with flavors of dark berries
Glass…6.99     Bottle…22
Fish House Sangria
Traditional Red Wine style, served over ice
Glass…7           Pitcher…25
Coconut Water “Refresher”
Non-alcoholic refresher beverage, made with coconut water,
peach green tea, muddled mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon…4

Seasonal Draft       Sam Adam’s Cold Snap
    Boulevard                Dark Truth Imperial Stout (9.7%)
    Dogfish Head         90 Minute IPA
    Flying Dog               Pearl Necklace (Oyster Stout)
                                        Snake Dog, IPA 
    Guinness                    Stout Draught (bottle) 
    Heavy Seas               AmeriCannon (pale ale)
                                        Loose Cannon
    Leinenkugel            Snowdrift Vanilla Porter
    Redd’s                         Apple Ale
    Redbridge                 Sorghum Gluten Free

Fisherman’s Seafood Corn Chowder
A Creamy New England Style Chowder filled with shrimp, clams,
fresh fish and crab, garnished with sweet cut corn and diced bell peppers
Cup…6.99     Bowl…7.99

Rockfish Bites
Flash fried with sesame panko crumbs, topped
with Hawaiian BBQ and wasabi cream.
Served with pickled ginger & seaweed salad…9.99
Coconut Lobster
A split cold water tail dipped in our coconut beer batter fried golden and served
with a grilled pineapple salsa and a side of orange, ginger dipping sauce…13.99

Black & Blue Ribeye Steak
14oz Black Angus ribeye steak pan seared with our blackening spice blend,
topped with a Gorgonzola cream garnished with a bacon & Vidalia onion jam.
Served with Yukon mashed potatoes and a snow pea sauté…32.99
Mahi Mahi Monterey
7oz of fresh Mahi fillet grilled and topped with a saute of gulf shrimp,
shiitake mushrooms, artichoke hearts and grape tomatoes, finished with a garlic,
olive oil sauce garnished with fresh basil. Served with saffron rice and steamed broccoli…23.99
Greek Style Ahi Tuna
7 ounces of fresh Ahi Tuna loin grilled with olive oil, sea salt and flake
red peppers topped with jumbo lump crab and a cucumber oregano vinaigrette,
garnished with sun-dried tomato and crumbled feta cheese.
Served with lemon, garlic couscous and sautéed spinach…24.99
Shad Roe
Chef’s Preparation sautéed, topped with caramelized onion,
crisp Applewood smoked bacon,veal jus and sherry vinegar,
served with Yukon mashed potatoes & green beans
Single…18.99   Double…24.99
Simply Broiled with a rasher of bacon, served with mashed potatoes & green beans
Single…19.99   Double…25.99
Fisherman’s Cioppino
San Francisco style with fresh fish, scallops, shrimp and mussels in a
rich tomato- saffron broth. Served over linguine with garlic toast and
fresh garden salad…23.99
Primo Crab Cake
5oz All Jumbo Lump crab cake….No Filler!
Served with a garden salad and your choice
of one additional side
Single…27.99   Double…33.99
Six Choice Rockfish
(Pound Net Caught Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass) (choose one)
Tidewater Style with lump crab, country ham,
sweet corn & cream atop fried green tomato …27.99
•  Potato Crusted with lobster sherry sauce…24.99
• Imperial Style with lump crab imperial…31.99
Blackened, Broiled or Fried…23.99

Parmesan, Garlic Roasted Cauliflower
Topped with crumbled Gorgonzola and a Sriracha drizzle

The Dessert Menu!
An assortment of fun fresh desserts with features that change daily
and a variety of delicious ice cream flavors all made on premise.

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crab deck and market

Sonny Schulz remembers Governor Schaefer for his dedication to the Eastern Shore

The following are a few excerpts from the story by Cheryl Conner,
ABC 2 News Baltimore.

When you cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, you find Maryland's beautiful shoreline with boats docked at waterfront restaurants. Sonny Schulz, who owns the Crab Deck and the Fisherman's Inn, says Governor Schaefer made the drive to this prime property more peaceful.

"He was good to us. This Kent Narrows Bridge is here because of him, the overpasses," said Schulz.

He got behind several road projects, one to build a new Kent Narrows bridge since the old one had a drawbridge to let boat traffic through every 30 minutes.

In The News!

whats up review

Media Reviews

Capital Gazette - July 2015 view the PDF (148kb)

Schulz Family Profile - What's Up Eastern Shore May 2015 view the PDF (598kb)

What's Up Eastern Shore April 2015 view the PDF (864kb)

What's Up Eastern Shore 2013 view the PDF (155kb)

Capital Gazette 2014 view the PDF (856kb)

What's Up Eastern Shore 2011 view the PDF (211kb)

Capital Gazette 2010 view the PDF (1155kb)

As Seen on QACTV!

Chef Paul has a cooking demonstration video featured on QACTV.
Click here to view the QACTV Video Player

How to Find and View our Video on QACTV - Once the player is loaded type "fishermans" in the search box and click the magnifying glass. On the right side, you'll then see "Made in QAC: Fisherman's Inn", click that to start the video.

Governor holds press conference at Fisherman's Crab Deck.
Study shows Blue Crab population on the rise!

Read the Article Here!

Newly Constructed Boat Slips for Lease at Kent Narrows!



cbl june 2009
View PDF (1.5MB)


Fisherman's Inn is serving local gill net caught Chesapeake Bay striped bass (rockfish) to go along with our other local delicacies!


(We do not take reservations, sorry for any inconvenience.)


Fisherman's Inn
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Fisherman's Crab Deck
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In season o
pen daily for lunch & dinner 11am -10pm 
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Fisherman's Seafood Market
Daily hours Mon-Thurs 9-6, Fri & Sat 9-7, Sun 9-5
 (410) 827-7323




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